Banbury Town Council Hardwick West: Tony Ilott

Tony has been a Town Councillor in Hardwick for the past 8 years. He is the current Deputy Leader and Chairman of the Planning Committee. Tony's connection to Banbury started 15 years ago when he moved here to open a business in the town.

Bicester Town Central: Przemek Rybka

Przemek and his family settled in Bicester in 2015. Since then, he has involved himself in the public life of the town. As a relatively new resident of Bicester himself, he would like better integration of the town as it grows, including improved engagement with the multi-national community.

Bicester Town Council East: Sean Gaul

Sean grew up and was educated in Bicester. Now raising his own family locally, he is passionate about ensuring Bicester is the best possible place to live. Sean was elected to Cherwell District Council and Bicester Town Council in May 2016 and has since thrown himself into Councillor life.

Bicester Town Council East: Lawrie Stratford

Lawrie has lived in Bicester since 1992 and firmly believes in local solutions for local people. A local Councillor at Town, District and County levels over a period of 16 years, he has been a focal part of the team delivering those solutions for Bicester and the wider community.

Bicester Town Council East: Rose Stratford

Rose has been active within the Bicester community for a great many years. She is the current Chairman of Bicester Hospital League of Friends, a member of the British Legion and a member of the Friends of Bicester Health and Well Being Centre.

Bicester Town Council North: Lynn Pratt

Lynn was first elected onto Cherwell District Council in 2009. Community-minded she is a member of Bicester and District Twinning Association, Chairman of the Feoffee Charity and has been on Bicester Town Council for 15 years.