Kieron Mallon

Oxfordshire County Councillor for Bloxham and Easington Division
Cherwell District Councillor for Calthorpe and Easington Ward
Banbury Town Councillor for Easington South Ward

Kieron was first elected to Local Government in Banbury in 1997. He currently represents southern Banbury on Banbury Town Council, Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council. His continuing motivation for public service comes from a resolute commitment to Banbury Town and improving opportunities for the next generation. Over his 20 years+ service, he has been a vocal campaigner for residents and helped to shape several local initiatives. He was instrumental in the delivery of Cherwell District Council’s Build! project which has provided over 120 affordable homes in the town and helped to reinstate community bus routes including the B1 in Easington, the B7a in Grimsbury and the B8 in Hardwick. He formerly led the Council's "brighter futures" programme which focused on improving outcomes for disadvantaged families and established Banbury Town Council’s snow wardens’ scheme.

Kieron is an ardent Horton General Hospital campaigner and serves on the Horton HOSC Committee which was set up to scrutinise the decision made by Oxfordshire University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUHFT) to downgrade the Horton’s maternity provision to a midwife-led only unit. His army background makes him a strong advocate of our armed forces. Kieron is the current Leader of Banbury Town Council.



New vehicle weight limit for old Easington

Vehicles weighing over 7.5 tonnes will no longer be able to use roads in parts of Easington thanks to action taken by local Councillor Kieron Mallon and Oxfordshire County Council.

Horton scrutiny body granted expanded remit

Powers for local Councillors to scrutinise plans concerning the future of the Horton General Hospital have been strengthened after Conservative-led Oxfordshire County Council agreed to revise the scope of the Horton Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Horton HOSC).

Local County Councillor welcomes A361 improvements

Important works to improve safety on the A361 are now complete. The 16km road between Banbury and Chipping Norton has benefitted from a £4 million investment after the Road Safety Foundation identified it as one of the 50 sections of A-class roads in the UK with the highest risk of accidents.

Councillors urge CCG to hear obstetric unit evidence in Horton fight

As scrutiny of the decision to downgrade maternity provision at the Horton General Hospital continues, local Councillors have urged the CCG to hear evidence from other small obstetric-led maternity units before making their final decisions about the permanent future of maternity services in Banbury.

Banbury Conservatives give evidence at key Horton Hospital meeting

Banbury Conservatives were pleased to stand with local residents in continuing to fight for the reinstatement of obstetric-led maternity services at the Horton General Hospital at a meeting of the Horton Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HHOSC) today.

Banbury's Bloxham Road junction resurfaced

The junction of Bloxham Road and Oxford Road in Banbury is running smoothly again thanks to major resurfacing improvements undertaken by Conservative-led Oxfordshire County Council.

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Eddie Reeves

Oxfordshire County Councillor for Banbury Calthorpe Division

Eddie was elected to represent the Calthorpe Division in May 2017. He considers it a huge honour to represent the area where he too lives and works. Like most hard-working people, he believes that politics is about finding solutions to problems, not problems to politicise.

Tony Ilott

Oxfordshire County Councillor for Banbury Hardwick Division
Cherwell District Councillor for Banbury Hardwick Ward
Banbury Town Councillor for Hardwick West Ward

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Lawrie Stratford

Oxfordshire County Councillor for Bicester North Division

Lawrie has lived in Bicester since 1992 and firmly believes in local solutions for local people. Both he and his wife Rose have served Bicester on both Bicester Town Council and Cherwell District Council.

Michael Waine

Oxfordshire County Councillor for Bicester Town Division

Michael has represented the residents of Bicester Town on Oxfordshire County Council since 2005. Born in Bicester, Michael spent his professional career educating the town's next generation with early work at St. Edburg’s School and then as Headteacher at Glory Farm.

Arash Fatemian

Oxfordshire County Councillor for Deddington Division
Banbury Town Councillor for Hardwick East Ward

Arash was re-elected County Councillor for the Deddington Division in May 2017 having represented the area since 2013. In that time Arash has fought passionately to represent the concerns of residents across the Division's 13 parishes on a wide variety of local issues, from potholes to fighting a

Dan Sames

Oxfordshire County Councillor for Otmoor Division
Cherwell District Councillor for Bicester South and Ambrosden Ward
Bicester Town Councillor for South Ward

Already a Bicester Town and Cherwell District Councillor for South Bicester, Dan was elected to represent the Otmoor Division on Oxfordshire County Council in May 2017.

Ian Corkin

Oxfordshire County Councillor for Ploughley Division
Cherwell District Councillor for Fringford and Heyfords Ward

Ian was elected County Councillor for the Ploughley Division in May 2017. He is passionate about the needs of the rural community from protecting each village's unique heritage to the farming economy, broadband, tackling rural isolation and improving local roads.

George Reynolds

Oxfordshire County Councillor for Wroxton and Hook Norton Division
Cherwell District Councillor for Cropredy, Wroxton and Sibfords Ward

George has represented the villages of Northern Cherwell on Oxfordshire County Council for almost 20 years and on Cherwell District Council for some 35 years. He is a passionate believer in local Government being readily accessible and delivering services quickly and efficiently.