Investing in technical education

Conservative-controlled Cherwell District Council is one of the fastest deliverers of new homes in the UK. But the Council aren’t just supporting the creation of new houses, they’re also investing in the people who build them. In establishing the Apprenticeship and Training Company LTD the Council are actively investing in apprentice positions, maximising the training and employment opportunities for local young people. In partnership with developers currently working in the District, soon some 19 young people will be placed within the construction industry under the scheme, helping them to gain valuable skills and work in the sector.

This project coincides with the Government's announcements on technical education. To 2017, the Conservatives have already delivered over 2.5 million apprenticeship starts. Now we are investing £65 million in technical education -  £15 million to ensure we have the colleges and teachers needed to deliver the new T-Levels, and £50 million from April 2018 to fund high-quality work placements. Alongside apprenticeships, T-Levels will prepare our young people for skilled work in a wide range of different industries, helping them achieve their full potential.