Councillor renews calls for new M40 junction at South Banbury

Fresh calls have been made for an additional M40 junction south of Banbury. Councillor Eddie Reeves, Conservative County Councillor for Banbury Calthorpe Division today tabled a motion to Oxfordshire County Council calling for a junction 10a to alleviate traffic problems in the town and support sustainable growth.

The motion, which was seconded by Councillor Arash Fatemian, Conservative County Councillor for Deddington Division read: “This Council welcomes the £150 million improvement works to be delivered by March 2023 as part of the Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal, which will accelerate the delivery of 6,500 new homes across the county and have a positive impact in providing much-need infrastructure to support these new homes and ensure that they and their communities are sustainable places in which to live and work.

This Council welcomes the excellent work of Cherwell District Council in delivering new homes at a record rate and further welcomes the Oxfordshire Growth Board’s planned improvement works for Tramway and Hennef Way, which will serve to improve traffic circulation in and around Banbury’s bus and train stations, access to and from the M40 to the North of the town centre and support the creation of new homes.

This Council notes the historic problems associated with traffic circulation to the South of Banbury town centre which would be ameliorated by the creation of a J10A to alleviate the flow of traffic from and to the M40 to the South of Banbury town centre and which could assist the creation of further sustainable growth across the broader ‘Banburyshire’ area, if delivered.

This Council calls on the Cabinet Member for Environment to lobby the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Highways England and the Department for Transport with a view to ascertaining what further funding and progress can be made to deliver a J10A and the sustainable growth to which such a project could lead.”

The motion was passed unanimously.


Pictured from left to right: 

Councillor Eddie Reeves: Conservative County Councillor for Calthorpe Division, including Longford Park and Cherwell Heights 

Councillor Kieron Mallon: Conservative County Councillor for Bloxham and Easington Division, including the Timms Estate 

Councillor Arash Fatemian: Conservative County Councillor for Deddington Division, including the villages of Adderbury and Bodicote