Councillor calls for a Banbury Changing Places facility

An adult disabled toilet could be installed in Banbury thanks to an intervention from Conservative Councillor Tony Ilott.

At a recent meeting of Cherwell District Council, Tony asked for sites in the town suitable for a Changing Places (CP) unit to be explored. Changing Places facilities are designed to support adults with severe physical and learning disabilities providing additional equipment and space for them to use toilets comfortably and safely.

The lack of such a facility in Banbury was brought to my attention by a friend of mine who is severely disabled. I am pleased that the District Council has committed to looking into the viability of this proposal. The installation of a Changing Places unit locally would be a lifeline for disabled residents and visitors. Often traditional disabled toilets are not accessible to adults with severe disabilities. A Changing Places facility would afford these individuals the dignity to do what most people take for granted and in a safe and comfortable environment.

Whilst this is not a done deal yet, I am very hopeful that this aspiration can become a reality and that Banbury will soon have this much-needed facility.” - Councillor Tony Ilott.

Cherwell District Council has confirmed it will actively look into how to provide a CP facility locally.

Welcoming the move, Banbury MP Victoria Prentis said: “I have been contacted by several constituents about this sensitive matter so am delighted that the installation of a CP unit is being considered. We need our local towns to be accessible to all so hope to see this come to fruition in the near future.”