Cherwell District Council reaffirms affordable housing commitment

Conservative-controlled Cherwell District Council has today, reaffirmed its pledge to provide more affordable housing as a new housing strategy is brought into force. 

The Housing Strategy 2019-2024 will shape housing delivery in North Oxfordshire for the next five years and establishes commitments such as the delivery of 407 new affordable homes, including homes for social rent, reducing fuel poverty, increasing the supply of housing for local key workers and meeting target numbers of disabled facility grants and home adaptations. 

This comes after the Council delivered 426 affordable homes across the District in 2017/18 - more than double its target. 

Cllr John Donaldson, Cherwell District Council's lead member for housing, said: “A safe and secure home is something we all have a right to; it’s the foundation for family, relationships, work and participating in the wider community. We have a strong record of delivering affordable housing and of providing innovative housing solutions. These are an ambitious set of aspirations, underscored by an annual action plan that we will refresh every year.”