Cherwell District Council confirms Changing Places unit in Bicester

A new local facility designed to help people living with disabilities has been announced today. On Changing Places Awareness Day, Conservative-controlled Cherwell District Council has confirmed £120,000 worth of funding for a Changing Places (CP) unit in Bicester.

Changing Places facilities are designed to support adults with severe physical and learning disabilities providing additional equipment and space for them to use toilets comfortably and safely. Around 250,000 people are unable to use traditional disabled toilets so the installation of a CP unit will afford residents and visitors the dignity to do what most people take for granted in a safe and accessible environment.

The public conveniences in Claremont Car Park off Victoria Road will undergo an extensive refurbishment to accommodate the new facility with space for a hoist, a bed and a large free area to help manoeuvrability all included in the plans. The refit is expected to start in September and should be completed in early December.

This announcement comes after Cherwell District Council confirmed earlier this year that a CP unit will be incorporated in Castle Quay shopping centre in Banbury as part of a series of improvement works to the site.

With only 1,300 facilities of this kind across the UK, Cherwell District Council is leading the way in ensuring our town centres are accessible and welcoming places for all.